Friday, May 1, 2009

BAC 111


STANDARD DATA: (Series 500) Seats 97-119. Gross wt. 104,500. Empty wt. 54,582. Fuel capacity 3,705. Engines two 12,550-lb. s.t. Rolls-Royce turbofans.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 541. Cruise mph 461. Stall mph 121. Initial climb rate 2,280. Range 1,705. Ceiling 35,000. Takeoff distance (35') 7,300. Landing distance (50') 4,720.

The BAC 111, built by the British Aircraft Corp., was designed for both short- and medium-range operation. This twin-engine airliner was first certified for United States operation in April 1964, and orders were placed by Mohawk, Braniff, and American Airlines. The first production model, the Series 200, flew for the first time in December 1963 and was powered by the smaller Rolls-Royce 10,330-lb. s.t. engines. The 300 Series were fitted with larger engines, greater fuel capacity, and a stronger landing gear. The 400 Series came equipped with a fuel dump system and was the first model certified for United States operation. The 475 series is fitted with low-pressure tires to permit operation on lowstrength runways with surfaces of poorer grade. The final series, the 500, is a stretched version that can carry up to 119 passengers. Executive and freighter versions of the BAC 111 are also available. National Aircraft Leasing Ltd. offers a modified version for executive use; it features a redesigned interior.


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