Wednesday, September 10, 2008



STANDARD DATA: Seats: 2+6; Gross weight: 12,500 lbs.; Empty weight: 8,470 lbs.; Fuel capacity: 548 gals.; Engines: two 2,300 lb. Williams FJ44-2A.
PERFORMANCE: Max cruise: 451 kts.; Range: 826-1,502 nm; Ceiling: 41,000 nm; Takeoff distance: 3,792 ft.; Landing distance: 3,170 ft.

After the problems with developing the composite Beech Starship, it's to Raytheon’s credit that they had the courage to take on another composite project, the Premier I. The entry-level jet has a composite fuselage, empennage and control surfaces built of graphite and epoxy laminates with honeycomb construction, totaling more than a million miles of carbon-fiber filaments. The wings are aluminum.

Unlike many entry-level jets that typically settle for 300 knots and a ceiling of 30,000 feet, the Premier offers typical jet speed and altitudes. The Premier I is also certified for single-pilot operation.


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