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Boeing 747-200

Boeing 747-400
STANDARD DATA: (747-200) Seats 385-500. Gross wt. 785,000. Empty wt. 363,068. Fuel capacity 51,000. Engines four 48,570-lb. s.t. Pratt & Whitney turbofans.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 608. Cruise mph 595. Stall mph 115. Initial climb rate 2,000. Range 6,218. Ceiling 45,000. Takeoff distance (35) 10,500. Landing distance (50') 6,170.

STANDARD DATA: (747-300) Seats 400+. Gross wt. 833,000. Empty wt. 384,480. Fuel capacity 44,953. Engines four 54,750-lb. s.t. Pratt & Whitney JT9D-7R4G2 turbofans.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 583. Cruise mph 564. Ceiling 45,000+. Range 5,650. Takeoff distance 10,450. Landing distance 6,920.

STANDARD DATA: (747-400ER) Seats 416-568. Gross wt. 910,000. Empty wt. 401,800. Engines four 58,000-lb. Rolls-Royce RB-211-524G turbofans.
PERFORMANCE: Max cruise 507 kts. Long range cruise 490 kts. Ceiling 45,000+. Range 5,650. Takeoff distance 10,450. Landing distance 6,920.

The Boeing 747 was designed to carry large numbers of passengers at low cost. The basic passenger design, designated 747-200B, is capable of carrying up to 500 passengers in a 10-abreast seating arrangement. Basic accommodations are for 385 passengers made up of 48 first-class and 337 economy-class. The aircraft is powered by four Pratt & Whitney turbofan engines in pods and pylon-mounted to the underside of the wings. All current 747s can be outfitted with either 43,500, 45,000, 46,950, 48,570, or 49,000-lb. engines. A General Electric turbofan rated at 52,500 lbs. can also be used.

The first 747s to be delivered were received by Pan American in 1969. The 747-100 was the first model with a maximum takeoff weight of 713,000 pounds. Later, the 747-200 was introduced with a maximum takeoff weight of 775,000 pounds. The latest version, the 400, is the world’s largest commercial jetliner and offers greater range, better fuel economy, and lower operating costs than previous 747 models. The 400’s range is boosted 1,150 statute miles over the 300, giving a maximum range of 8,290 miles.

The 747-400ER rolled out in 2002 with even more range and payload capabilities. MTOW increased to 910,000 lbs and range increased an additional 435 nm.


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