Wednesday, July 1, 2009


1998– Present

STANDARD DATA: (5000) Seats 8-19. Gross wt. 95,000. Empty wt. 48,800. Engines two 14,750-lb BMW Rolls-Royce BR-710-220 turbofans. PERFORMANCE: High speed cruise 505 kts. Typical cruise 488 kts. Ceiling 41,000. Range 5,325-6,700 nm. Landing distance 2,700'.

The Global Express 5000 is Bombardier’s crown jewel in corporate jets, competing handily with the Airbus A319CJ, the Gulfstream V and the Boeing BBJ. The BD-700 has enough range that it can fly between any two points in the world nonstop. The XRS version can travel 6,700 nm without refueling. Corporate shuttle variants can seat as many as 30.
Three Bombardier divisions, Canadair, Shorts and de Havilland all participate in producing the jet, while Japan’s Mitsubishi constructs the wing and center fuselage. Cockpits are all glass and can feature heads-up display and enhanced vision as options. Passengers can enjoy satellite telephone/fax, datalink, on-board local area network and single channel high-speed data.


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