Tuesday, December 16, 2008


1986– Present

STANDARD DATA: Falcon 900EX Seats 8-15. Gross wt. 48,300. Empty wt. 23,875. Engines three 5,000-lb. Allied Signal TFE731-60 turbofans. PERFORMANCE: Max cruise Mach 0.80. Range 3,840-4,500 nm. Ceiling 51,000'.

Though the Falcon 900 drew its basis from the Falcon 50, it is essentially an all-new airplane. To demonstrate its even more improved long range capability, in 1985, Dassault flew a prototype of the Falcon 900 nonstop from Paris to Little Rock, Arkansas. The new design was wider and longer than the model 50 and could seat passengers three abreast. In 1991, the Falcon 900B became the standard production model, with an increase in power and range. The model B was upgraded to the model C in 2000, and the Falcon 900EX in 2004. The primary changes offered more sophisticated avionics.


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