Tuesday, October 21, 2008



 STANDARD DATA (4000): Seats: 55–85; Gross weight: 73,000 lbs.; Empty weight: 38,269 lbs.; Fuel capacity: 2,558–3,430 gals.; Engines: two 9,908 lb. s.t. Rolls-Royce turbofans. PERFORMANCE: Top speed: 380 mph; Cruise speed: 523 mph; Threshold speed: 127 mph; Service ceiling: 35,000 ft.; Range: 1,036–1,611 nm; Takeoff distance: 5,217 ft.; Landing distance: 3,166 ft.

In 1980, Empire Airlines, based in Utica, N.Y., entered into an agreement to purchase F28 Mk 4000s to put into commuter service. The F28 Fellowship short-/medium-haul transport was originally developed by Fokker in collaboration with other European aircraft manufacturers. Production is shared by Fokker-VFW of the Netherlands in association with MBB and VFW Fokker in Germany and Short Brothers in Great Britain. The first flight of the prototype occurred in May 1967. The Mk 300 is similar to the Mk 400 with a short fuselage and seating for 65. The Mk 4000 is a long-fuselage version with high-density seating for up to 85. The Mk 6000 is a long version with slatted wings and seating for up to 79 passengers.


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