Tuesday, December 16, 2008



STANDARD DATA: Seats 97-180. Gross wt. 150,000. Empty wt. 81,778. Fuel capacity 6,750. Engines three 11,960-lb. s.t. turbofans and one 5,250-lb. s.t Rolls-Royce Spey turbojet. PERFORMANCE: Top mph 601. Cruise mph 533. Stall mph 129. Range 1,785. Takeoff distance (35') 8,900. Landing distance

The British tri-engine short- to medium-range jet first flew in airline service in 1964. It has been produced in four models. The IE featured accommodations for a maximum of 115 passengers and was powered by 11,400-lb. s.t. turbofans. The 2F featured increased fuel capacity and takeoff weight and was fitted with 11,960-lb. s.t. turbofans. The 3B was a high capacity short-haul transport with a lengthened fuselage and the addition of a 5,250-lb. s.t. turbojet in the tail for better takeoff performance. The Super 3B was an upgraded version of the 3B. The first automatic landing at London Airport was made with a Trident in 1965.


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