Monday, June 1, 2009



STANDARD DATA: Seats 10. Gross wt. 43,750. Empty wt. 24,178. Fuel capacity 2,660. Engines four 3,700-lb. s.t. Garrett AiResearch turbofans.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 552, Cruise mph 508. Stall mph 142. Initial climb rate 2,450. Range 3,189. Ceiling 38,000. Takeoff distance (50) 5,250. Landing distance (50) 3,900.

The Lockheed Georgia JetStar was the first of the executive jets and was uniquely the only four-engine jet of its type in the class. In its time, the JetStar had many features that were normally found only on larger jet commercial airliners such as dual landing gear, thrust reversers, standing headroom throughout the cabin, backup systems, a complete lavatory, galley, and superior pressurization. This jet is rated as having a cruise speed of 550 mph. It can carry a maximum of 10 persons plus a crew of two. The Lockheed JetStar is capable of taking off on runways as short as 5,000 feet.

The JetStar II was introduced in 1974. The main difference between the two being the use of Garrett AiResearch turbofans flat rated at 3,700 lbs. s.t. instead of the previous 3,300-lb. Pratt & Whitney turbojets.


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