Friday, March 13, 2009



STANDARD DATA: Seats 250-400. Gross wt. 430,000. Empty wt. 222,941. Fuel capacity 23,814. Engines three 42,000-lb. s.t. Rolls-Royce three-shaft turbofans. PERFORMANCE: Top mph 500. Cruise mph 474. Stall mph 144. Initial climb rate 2,800. Range 2,677. Ceiling 42,000. Takeoff run 7,590. Landing roll 5,660.

Early in 1966 Lockheed became interested in the short- to medium-haul airliner market. The Model
L-1011 was designed to enter this category with optimum payload-range performance and short-field
characteristics. The Model L-1011 is powered by three 42,000-lb. s.t. turbofan engines, two of which are
mounted in pods underneath each wing, and the third is located in the rear of the fuselage at the base of the
tail unit. Fuel is carried in two integral wing tanks and an inboard tank. With a full load, the TriStar can travel a maximum of 4,467 miles. Accommodations provide for 256 passengers in a mixed coach and first-class arrangement or a maximum of 400 passengers in a highdensity all-economy configuration.


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