Friday, March 13, 2009



STANDARD DATA: T-33A Seats (ejection) 2. Gross wt. 16,800. Empty wt. 8,440. Engine one 5,400-lb. Allison J-33-A/4 turbojet with w/water-alcohol injection. PERFORMANCE: Max Speed 525 mph. Long range cruise 455 mph. Range 1,000 nm. Ceiling 47,000'.

The ‘T-Bird’ was the first widely used jet trainer, a design evolved from the P-80 Shooting Star that flew briefly at the end of World War II. Original engines were Allison J33-35 single-shaft turbojet engines with a thrust rating of 5,200 lbs. Almost 6,000 T-33s were built in the United States, 210 in Japan (by Kawasaki) and 656 in Canada featuring the Rolls-Royce Nene engines. By the end of 2000, 7 nations in the world still listed the T-33 as “in service.”


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