Friday, March 13, 2009


1961– Present

STANDARD DATA: Seats (ejection) 2. Gross wt. 12,000. Empty wt. 7,615. Engines two 3,850-lb. General Electric J-85-GE-5A turbojets.
PERFORMANCE: Max speed 858 mph. Cruise Mach 0.9. Range 1,090. Ceiling 53,500'.

Though aging, the T-38 is still in heavy use around the world, from advanced jet training for the U.S. military to research applications with NASA, as well as in various roles in a variety of countries. The aircraft boasts a 720° per second roll rate. The T-38A ended production in 1971. A variant, the T-38B has a gunsight and a centerline pylon which can be fitted with a gun pod or bombs. The latest variant, the T-38C employed older airframes retrofitted with new, electronic instrumentation. Several T-38s have made their way back into the U.S. in private hands.


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