Friday, May 1, 2009



STANDARD DATA: Seats 6-7. Gross wt. 4,600. Empty wt. 2,800. Fuel capacity 100. Engines two 190-hp Lycomings.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 181. Cruise mph 165. Stall mph 57. Initial climb rate 1,450. Ceiling 24,400. Range 850. Takeoff run 780. Landing roll 849.

The Aero Design and Engineering Corp., the predecessor of the Aero Commander Company, was formed in 1944, and its president was Theodore (Ted) R. Smith, more recently of Aerostar fame. The company’s first production model was the Aero Commander 3805, which first flew on April 23, 1948. In all, three prototypes of the six-seat light transport were built. The cabin accommodated six persons seated in side-by-side pairs with the full-width rear seat possibly being used for a seventh person. The wings were of all-metal construction with built-up spars and hydraulic flaps. The fuselage was also of all-metal construction. This first of a highly successful family of high-wing twins could cruise at 165 mph at 75% power at sea level. Its service ceiling was 24,400 feet, and its single-engine ceiling was 8,700 feet. Subsequently, the L 3805 underwent considerable design changes before going into production as the Aero Commander 520.


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