Tuesday, September 1, 2009


1992– Present

STANDARD DATA: Seats 2-8. Gross wt. 5,800. Empty wt. 3,880. Fuel capacity 222. Engines two 300-hp Lycoming IO-540 300. PERFORMANCE: Max Speed 180 kts. Max Cruise 175 kts. Range 1,139-1,720 nm. Initial rate of climb 1,345 fpm. Stall 57 kts. Ceiling 20,556'. Takeoff run 658'. Landing roll 585'.

The Angel was born to be a STOL bush plane, comfortable coming and going from rough, unimproved runways. The pusher twin received FAA certification in 1992 and has undergone continual refinement. The fuselage features two large cabin doors for easy cargo of passenger loading, and can carry enough fuel for a 13.5 hour endurance.


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