Friday, May 1, 2009



STANDARD DATA: Seats 5. Gross wt. 3,500. Empty wt. 2,200. Fuel capacity 76. Engines two 145-hp Continentals.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 175. Cruise mph 155. Stall mph 55. Initial climb rate 1,250. Ceiling 18,000. Range 750.

From outside appearances, the Brigadier looks like an early Aero Commander with pusher engines. Baumann Aircraft Company was formed by J.B. Baumann in 1945, and its first product was the 250. This soon evolved into the B-290. Like the Aero Commander Company, the Baumann Company derived its numerical designations from the total horsepower of the aircraft; thus, the B-250 was powered by twin 125-hp Continentals and the B-290 was propelled by twin 145-hp Continentals. In both cases, the engines were installed in a pusher configuration. Construction was all-metal, and the landing gear were retractable tricycle type. The prototype of the five-seat B-250 was ultimately sold to Piper Aircraft for use as a test vehicle.


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