Saturday, August 1, 2009



STANDARD DATA: Seats 9-10. Gross wt. 9,900. Empty wt. 5,845. Fuel capacity 198-318. Engines two 450-hp Pratt & Whitneys.
Top mph 256. Cruise mph 220. Stall mph 87. Initial climb rate 1,400. Range 1,530. Ceiling 21,400. Takeoff distance (50') 2,072. Landing distance 1,480.

The H18 Super-Liner is an advanced version of the Beechcraft Model 18 series. It has more engineering improvements than any previous model, including electric cowl flaps, a redesigned exhaust system, lightweight props, and automatic oil coolers. In 1963, factory installed tricycle landing gear became optional equipment. Both the tricycle gear and the pointed nose are borrowed from the Volpar-modified version of the Beech 18. Other options included fuel injection, air-conditioning, an autopilot, and weather radar. Several companies produced variations of the Model 18. Pacific Airmotive Corp. built the Tradewind, a remanufactured D-18 offering tricycle gear, new windscreen, increased fuel capacity, and other updated equipment. Volpar Inc. originally marketed tricycle landing gear kits and later introduced kits for installing 705-shp AiResearch turbine engines. Volpar also produced a stretched version called the Turboliner with accommodations for 15 passengers. The Dumod Corp. also built a 15-seat version with larger windows and glass-fiber control surfaces. Another reengined Model 18 is the Hamilton Westwind III powered by 579-shp United Aircraft of Canada turboprops.


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