Wednesday, September 10, 2008



STANDARD DATA: (D18S) Seats: 5-7; Gross weight: 8,750 lbs.; Empty weight: 5,770 lbs.; Fuel capacity: 206-286 gals.; Engines: two 450 hp Pratt & Whitney Wasp Juniors.
PERFORMANCE: Top speed: 230 mph; Cruise speed: 211 mph; Stall: 77 mph; Initial climb rate: 1,190 fpm; Range: 985 nm; Ceiling: 20,500 ft.; Takeoff distance, 50 ft.: 1,760 ft.; Landing distance, 50 ft.: 1,460 ft.

The Model 18 was introduced before World War II and was subject to so many modifications, both civilian and military, that its variety is almost infinite. Some later Model 18s were optionally equipped with tricycle gear, turbines, new nose sections and the like to such a degree that they are identified under other names. Few aircraft, however, can boast of such dependability and comfort. Some pilots find the tailwheel version tricky, but there are still executives of major companies who have a choice of more modern aircraft and still prefer the Model 18. Beech thought several times it could quietly discontinue the Model 18, but demand warranted keeping it available. Finally, in 1969, the last 10 planes were sold to the Japanese, ending a 32-year production cycle. Military versions of the Model 18 were designated C-45 and were primarily used as utility transports.


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