Saturday, August 1, 2009


1994– Present

STANDARD DATA: Seats 2-8. Gross wt. 43,850. Empty wt. 28,840. Fuel consumption 185-222/gal/ hr. Engines two 2,380-shp Pratt & Whitney PW123AF turboprops.
PERFORMANCE: Max Speed 203 kts. Firefighting Circuit Speed 150 kts. Rate of Climb 1,300 fpm. Range 1,310 nm. Takeoff (water) 2,770'. Landing (water) 2,210'.

Bombardier’s unique firefighter can touch down in water as shallow as 6 feet, and in less than 12 seconds “scoop up” 1,621 gallons of water. The big amphib can even land on curved rivers or lakes to refill and quickly return for another water drop. The descendent of the firefighting CL-215 from the 1960s, the new B-415 is an all new airplane, with an air conditioned glass cockpit.


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