Tuesday, December 16, 2008



STANDARD DATA: Seats 4. Gross wt. 4,500. Empty wt. 3,000. Fuel capacity 188-200. Engines two 300 hp fuel-injected Continentals.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 215. Cruise mph 200. Stall mph 60. Initial climb rate 2,000. Ceiling 22,000. Range 900. Takeoff run 400. Landing roll 600.

The Camair flew for the first time in 1953 and was designed to meet the requirements of the Cameron Iron Works. The company was so pleased with the results of the prototype (powered by two 225 hp Continentals) that it decided to produce similar conversions of the Navion single-engine airplane on a commercial basis. The designation Camair 480 indicates the combined power of the twin 240 hp Continental powerplants used in the production model. Starting with a North American/Ryan Navion, structural modifications were carried out to allow for the increased horsepower and weight of the two engines, while aerodynamic, comfort, and styling refinements were added. Building of new aircraft has been suspended; however, the Camair Aircraft Corp. continues to supply spare parts to Twin Navion owners. In all, four models were built: the Model A prototype with two 225 hp Continentals, the Model B with twin 240 hp Continentals, the Model C with twin 260 hp Continentals, and the Model D with two 300 hp Continentals.


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