Tuesday, December 16, 2008


2005– Present

STANDARD DATA: DA42 Seats 4. Gross wt. 3.637. Empty wt. 2,400. Fuel capacity 95. Engines two 136 bhp Thielert Centurion 1.7.
PERFORMANCE: Max Cruise 181 kts. Stall 56 kts. Initial climb rate 1,730 fpm. Range 1,003-1,442 nm. Takeoff run 951'. Landing roll 950'.

Diamond’s DA42 Twin Star is an all-composite four-seater with twin turbocharged diesel engines that can operate on automotive diesel or Jet A1 fuel. At takeoff the engines develop full power at a quiet 2,300 rpm, and feature automatic prop (FADEC) control and autofeather. The Twin Star was designed to incorporate the Garmin G1000 all class cockpit from the beginning, and trailing landing gear give the twin a smooth transition to landing and taxi. Optional equipment available for the DA42 include oxygen, anti/de-ice and air conditioning.


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