Tuesday, December 16, 2008



STANDARD DATA: Seats 12-13. Gross wt. 8,470. Empty wt. 5,066. Fuel capacity 236. Engines two 380 hp Lycomings. PERFORMANCE: Top mph 202. Cruise mph 170. Stall mph 65. Initial climb rate 1,180. Range 1,255. Ceiling 25,200. Takeoff distance (50') 1,020. Landing distance (50') 1,000.

Professor Claude Dornier started his first aircraft company in 1922 as the successor to the “Do” division of the Zeppelin Werke, GmbH. When aircraft manufacturing became forbidden in Germany after World War II, Dornier continued his design work in Spain. There he developed the Do 25, a general-purpose airplane that later evolved into the Do 27. The Do 28, a twin-engine version of the Do 27, was produced until 1971. The light utility transport Do 28 Skyservant was built starting in 1971. The Skyservant was a completely new design, retaining only the basic configuration of the earlier aircraft and featuring STOL capabilities. The high-wing airplane is adaptable to a variety of uses including ambulance and military surveys. For photographic missions, the Skyservant can be equipped with a darkroom and camera doors in the under fuselage. The Skyservant’s twin Lycomings and landing gear are mounted on stub wings that protrude from the lower fuselage directly underneath the main wings.


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