Tuesday, December 16, 2008


STANDARD DATA: Seats 14-17. Gross wt. 13,500. Empty wt. 8,484. Fuel capacity 494. Engines four 250 hp Bristol Siddeley Gipsy Queens.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 190. Cruise mph 183. Stall mph 75. Initial climb rate 1,075. Range 1,550. Takeoff distance (50') 2,424. Landing distance (50') 2,065.

The Heron is basically an enlarged version of the Dove. The original Heron Series I had fixed tricycle landing gear, but that plane was soon replaced by the Series II, which was equipped with retractable gear. The Heron is equipped to seat 14 passengers in single seats on each side of the central aisle. Two alternative arrangements allow for either 17 passengers with no toilet facilities or luxurious executive appointments for six to eight. Four 250 hp Gipsy Queen six-cylinder inline direct drive normally aspirated engines are fitted with brackettype constant-speed two-blade airscrews. The Riley TurboSkyliner was one modification of the Heron; four 290 hp Lycoming engines with turbochargers were used in place of the originals.


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