Tuesday, February 10, 2009


1974– Present

STANDARD DATA: P-68B Seats 7. Gross wt. 4,321. Empty wt. 2,645. Engines two 200-hp Lycoming IO- 360-A1B.
PERFORMANCE: Max Speed 174 kts. Max Cruise 165 kts. Initial climb rate 1,160 fpm. Range 920 nm. Ceiling 20,000'.

STANDARD DATA: P-68TC Seats 7. Gross wt. 4,387. Empty wt. 2,866. Fuel capacity 137-196. Engines two 210-hp turbocharged Lycoming IO-360C -1A6D.
PERFORMANCE: Max Speed 190 kts. Max Cruise 175 kts. Initial climb rate 1,130. Range 1,040 nm. Ceiling 27,000.

Partenavia built the P-68 as a multi-role utility airplane. Despite its fixed gear, the big-bodied twin compared favorably to many conventional aircraft with retractable gear. A retractable gear version was developed but provided so little improvement over the rock solid workhorse that it never went into production. In 1980, turbocharging was added for a slight increase in speed and a significant boost in service ceiling. The P68 also comes in a clear-nose “observer” option for increased forward/down visibility.


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