Monday, June 1, 2009


1983 –86

STANDARD DATA: Mojave Seats 7. Gross wt. 7,200. Empty wt. 5,070. Fuel capacity 238. Engines two turbocharged and fuel injected Lycoming TIO-540-V2AD.
PERFORMANCE: Top Cruise 242 kts. Stall 75 kts. Range 1,190 nm. Ceiling 26,500'. Takeoff distance (50') 3,035'. Landing distance (50') 2,305'.

The Mojave was the swansong for the pressurized models of the PA-31, produced for only about three years. The aircraft was a transition from the pressurized Chieftain version of the popular Navajo to the Cheyenne I. The Chieftain and the Mojave gave way to the production of the Cheyenne series, Piper’s most powerful twins.


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