Monday, June 1, 2009



STANDARD DATA: Seats 6-10. Gross wt. 11,200. Empty Weight 7,289. Engines two 730-shp Garrett TPE3310501K.
PERFORMANCE: Top Speed 308 kts. Max Cruise 256 kts. Initial climb rate 2,800 fpm. Ceiling 35,000'. Range 2,080 nm.

The 10-passenger Jetprop 1000 is the third in the series of winglet-tipped fuel-efficient models from Rockwell’s General Aviation Division. This Commander represented the company’s entry into the larger turboprop market because the 1000 has an 11,250-pound gross ramp weight. The 1000’s 6.7 psi pressurization provides a 10,000-foot altitude cabin at flight altitudes up to an operation ceiling of 35,000 feet. In terms of fuel and mission efficiency, it is equal to Rockwell’s 10,375-pound models. Upon its announcement, the Commander 1000 was expected to cruise at 307 knots at 22,000 feet. Climb with both Garrett-AiResearch TPE 331-10 powerplants operating was supposed to exceed 2,800 fpm: singleengine climb 1,000 fpm. Range with normal reserves was predicted to be about 2,000 nm. Rockwell claimed that the aerodynamic wing treatment, including winglets, supercritical propellers from Dowty Rotol, and new nacelle configurations, would reduce high-speed induced drag at altitude by as much as 17% over earlier models. The Model 1000’s interior has separate crew, passenger, and lavatory compartments with additional space for refreshment consoles and a pressurized baggage area convenient to the passenger cabin.


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