Monday, June 1, 2009



STANDARD DATA: Seats 2. Gross wt. 3,050. Empty wt. 2,070. Fuel capacity 88. Engines two 160-hp Lycomings.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 232. Cruise mph 219. Stall mph 72. Initial climb rate 1,700. Range 1,160. Ceiling 19,600. Takeoff distance (50') 1, 180. Landing distance (50') 2,100.

The Wing Derringer was powered by twin 160-hp engines driving Hartzell constant-speed full-feathering propellers, and was awarded FAA type certification in 1966. The Derringer made use of unique manufacturing techniques with a patented wing construction utilizing a stretch-formed chemically milled exterior skin. All exterior surfaces were aerodynamically smooth. The Derringer’s wings featured integral fuel tanks. After a delay of many years, it appeared as though the Derringer would reenter production in the early 1980s. The airplane’s target was travelers who usually commuted in pairs. If the Model I had been a success, designer George Wing planned to add turbocharging and then possibly go to a four-place turbofan. Unfortunately, the Derringer never found its way into further production.


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