Friday, March 13, 2009


The American Eaglet is a self-launching sailplane designed to eliminate the need for two planes, ground crews, and the requirement to operate out of a regular glider port. Its in-air-restartable engine reduces the need for off-field landings. The wings and inverted-V tailfeathers are built from spruce spars surrounded by urethane foam and covered with precured fiberglass skins. The fuselage is comprised of two preformed fiberglass shells pop-riveted to an aluminum-tube framework and tailboom. The Eaglet’s powerplant is not designed for sustained powered flight. The MC 101 engine and folding propeller are provided for takeoff, in-flight restarts, and climbs only. Fuel tank capacity is five gallons and is generally sufficient for one takeoff and climb to 2,000 feet AGL and three airborne restarts and climbs from 500 feet back up to 2,000 feet.


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