Tuesday, February 10, 2009



The Monerai follows the precedents set by its VW-powered sportplane siblings Sonerai I and II by offering simplified construction and economy with high performance. Designed for the first-time builder or the expert, the Monerai can be either a true sailplane for the purist or, with the addition of a podmounted engine, a self-launching sailplane for those who wish to operate independent of towplanes. A chrome-moly-tubing primary-fuselage structure combines with a molded fuselage shell and extruded aluminum tail boom to make up a lightweight and ultrasmooth exterior with integral structural integrity for pilot safety. If any damage should be suffered by the fuselage structure, the molded shell can be easily removed to facilitate repairs. The preformed canopy, molded ABS components, sewn seat sling, and simplified control-system components are offered to make construction easier. The optional engine is designed to be removed easily so that the ship can be used as a pure sailplane at the pilot’s whim. The wing uses a single-piece skin bonded to an extruded main spar and completely formed ribs.


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