Tuesday, February 10, 2009



This sleek motorglider is essentially a stock KR-1 with longer wings and a bigger tail. For a wing curve, an RAF-48 standard KR-1 airfoil was used for the center section and the GA(W)-2 airfoil for the replacement outer panels. The outer wing section provides a clean and responsive curve for use with a spoiler/flap control, permitting deadstick landings at 70 mph TAS. Where the stock KR-1 wingspan is 172", the motorglider wingspan measures 27' from tip to tip, thereby increasing square footage from 64 to 91. Power is supplied by
a 60-hp VW engine. Maximum cruise is 130 mph, and with 33 gallons of fuel, range is 950 miles while getting 29 mpg. At the standard 4-gph burn rate, 33 gallons should deliver 8.25 hours of flying at 120 mph for a range of 1,020 miles.


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