Tuesday, February 10, 2009


The Cloudster is a powered sailplane or an airplane that soars, whichever you prefer. The all-metal airplane is fitted with a 100-hp Continental and a Wortmann FX 67-170/17 airfoil. The flaps, which also serve as airbrakes, are electrically actuated, and the ailerons and flaps are interconnected to operate together from -12 degrees to +8 degrees. After that, the flaps continue down to any desired position. The two-wheel fixed landing gear is extremely clean and gives a gliding performance as good as if they were retractable. The tailwheel is steerable. Both seats are designed to accommodate parachutes, and the cockpit is heated and ventilated. A full-vision one-piece canopy hinges on the right side. As a touring airplane, it cruises at 135 mph (75-percent
power) using just 6 gph to yield a range of 690 miles. At lower power settings, the range can be greatly increased. Only 20-percent power is required to keep the Cloudster in level flight.


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