Tuesday, February 10, 2009



The two-place all-fiberglass SF-H34 has pleasant flight characteristics and a low construction weight. Schempp-Hirth airbrakes on the top surface of the wings are provided for glide-angle control. The nosewheel is fixed, and the main landing wheel is sprung. A disc brake is mounted with the main landing wheel. Visibility is excellent through the one-piece blown plexiglass canopy. Both seats offer adjustable rudder pedals and backrests. Due to the sailplane’s low weight, small size, and rearward placed mainwheel, it is quite easy to handle on the ground, an important consideration for training. Other motorgliders are the SF 25 and SF 28. The SF 25 is powered by a 65-hp Limbach engine, which is based upon well-proven Volkswagen components and is mounted forward of the cockpit in conventional tractor style. The gliding performance has been improved by an increased wingspan and modified fuselage. Seating is side by side. The SF 28 is powered by the same Limbach engine, but offers tandem seating; the front pilot is seated ahead of the wing, and the rear pilot sits over the main spar. The SF 25 cruises at 93 mph, climbs at 450 fpm, and takes off in 500-650 feet. The SF 28 cruises at 100 mph, climbs at 450 fpm, and takes off in 500-650 feet.


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