Friday, March 13, 2009



STANDARD DATA: Seats: 4. Gross weight (lbs.): 2050. Empty weight (lbs.): 1150. Fuel capacity (gals.): 40. Engine: 145 hp Continental.
PERFORMANCE: Top speed (mph): 120. Cruise speed (mph): 105. Stall speed (mph): 53. Initial climb rate (fpm): 650. Range (nm): 430. Service ceiling (ft.): 12,400.

The last civilian airplane to be produced by the Aeronca Manufacturing Corp., the 15AC Sedan, was also Aeronca’s first four-seater airplane. A prototype appeared in 1947, and production began in 1948. The Sedan soon became a familiar sight at civilian fields. A large number of Sedans were built, and over 200 of them are still active today. It featured an all-metal construction with a metal-skinned single-spar wing and fabric-covered, welded, steel-tube fuselage. Optional Franklin 165 hp engines were fitted into a few 15AC Sedans. Another option put the Aeronca on floats, and that version was called the S15AC.