Friday, March 13, 2009



STANDARD DATA: Seats: 2. Gross weight (lbs.): 1260. Empty weight (lbs.): 793. Fuel capacity (gals.): 12. Engine: 65 hp Continental.
PERFORMANCE: Top speed (mph): 95. Cruise speed (mph): 87. Landing speed (mph): 42. Range (nm): 225. Initial climb rate (ft.): 450. Service ceiling (ft.): 10,000.

STANDARD DATA (Model K): Seats: 2. Gross weight (lbs.): 1040. Empty weight (lbs.): 590. Fuel capacity (gals.): 10. Engine: 36 hp Aeronca E-113C.
Top speed (mph): 80. Cruise speed (mph): 70. Stall speed (mph): 35. Initial climb rate (fpm): 400. Service ceiling (ft.): 12,500. Range (nm): 175.

The Aeronca C-3 evolved into the Aeronca K Scout in 1937. In turn, the K evolved into the SOC Chief in 1938. The latter was propelled by 50-hp Franklin or Lycoming engine options. In 1939, the 65-series appeared and featured the 65 hp Continental option. The 65-series is currently the most abundant version. The 65TC Defender, a tandem two-seat trainer, was widely used throughout the war, particularly in the Civilian Pilot Training Program. The Model L-3, the military version of the same airplane, featured a wider fuselage and larger window area to facilitate its role as an observation plane. Although provided with dual controls, the L-3 was designed to be flown from the front seat. The observer’s seat might face forward or aft. Many of the planes reached civilian hands after World War II.


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