Tuesday, September 1, 2009




Cap 10
STANDARD DATA: CAP10C Seats 2. Gross wt. 1,830. Empty wt. 1,190. Fuel capacity 32. Engine 180-hp Lycoming AEIO-360 B2F.
PERFORMANCE: Top Cruise 153 kts. Stall mph 53 kts. Initial climb rate 1,600 fpm. Ceiling 16,400'. Range 600 nm. Load limit +6g/-4g.

Apex International is a French-owned holding company, manufacturing the Robin and the CAP series of aircraft. Due to the legacy of both designs, more than 4,000 of those airframes are already on the market. The CAP10 is a two-place side-by-side low wing that has been a mainstay aerobatic aircraft for more than three decades, and variants of the original design, most notably the CAP232, have logged a number of world championships. In 2004, the CAP10C received FAA certification in the United States. Earlier that year, Apex modified the wing to improve the roll rate and overall strength. The original Robin got its name from Pierre Robin, who initiated development in 1957. Because he was not only a pilot but also a cabinetmaker, Robins are part wood, part composite. Construction of the Robin moved from Europe to New Zealand, with the first aircraft rolling off the production line in mid-2005. Three models, the 120, 135CDI and Robin 140 vary primarily in horsepower, accompanied by the expected performance changes.


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