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STANDARD DATA: Seats 2. Gross wt. 1,675. Empty wt. 1,172. Fuel capacity 20. Engine 82-hp Ford V-8.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 100. Cruise mph 95. Stall mph 38. Initial climb rate 700. Ceiling 12,000. Range 300.

The Arrow Sport F came about when the Bureau of Air Commerce awarded the Arrow Aircraft and Motor Corp. a contract to design and build a lightplane that could be powered by a modified eight-cylinder automobile engine. It was the fourth such airplane to be ordered by the Development Section to investigate the possibilities of using cheap, mass-produced automobile engines. The resulting Arrow Sport F (or V-8) was a side-by-side monoplane of mixed construction with a two-spar fabric-covered wing and a fabric-covered steel-tube fuselage. It was available in three models: “The Master,” which was a standard open-cockpit type; “The Master Coupe,” which was fitted with a coupe top; and the “De Luxe Coupe,” which had a deluxe finish and was fitted with blind-flying instruments, wheel pants, and other accessories. The engine chosen was a converted Ford V-8 air-cooled powerplant. Several Arrow Sport Fs are still registered.

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