Friday, March 13, 2009



STANDARD DATA: Seats: 2–4. Gross weight (lbs.): 1900. Empty weight (lbs.):1090. Fuel capacity (gals.): 29–41. Engine: 150 hp Lycoming.
PERFORMANCE: Top speed (mph): 139. Cruise speed (mph): 129. Stall speed (mph): 56. Initial climb rate (fpm): 840. Range (nm): 417–605. Service ceiling (ft.): 14,000. Takeoff distance, 50 ft. (ft.): 1350. Landing distance, 50 ft. (ft.): 1430.

An aerobatic lightplane, the Pup was built by Beagle Aircraft in England. The Pup was sold in three models: the Pup-100, -150, and -180. The Pup-100 model carries two seats and two optional children’s seats. It's powered by a 100 hp Rolls-Royce/Continental four cylinder engine. Production of the Pup-100 began in February 1968. The Pup-150 is quite similar to the Pup-100. The fuselage is only three inches longer while wingspan dimensions of the low-wing tricycle gear airplane remain the same. A 150 hp Lycoming engine allows optional seating for four. The Pup-150 also offered a larger 34-Imperial-gallon fuel tank as opposed to the standard 24-Imperial-gallon tank installed as standard equipment in the 100 and 150 models. A large rudder on the 150 allows full aerobatics including unlimited spinning. The Pup-180 is also very similar to the Pup-100 but has a full four seats and is fitted with a 180-hp four-cylinder Lycoming engine. Many of the Pup-180s produced were exported.


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