Friday, January 22, 2010



STANDARD DATA: Seats 4. Gross wt. 2,800. Empty wt. 1,707. Fuel capacity 61. Engine 200-hp Lycoming.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 180. Cruise mph 170. Stall mph 57.5. Initial climb rate 925. Range 823-1,030. Ceiling 17,100. Takeoff distance (50') 1,585. Landing distance (50') 1,350.

First announced by Cessna on Dec. 3, 1970, the Cardinal RG (retractable gear) has become the choice for many who look for a single-engine plane with good cruising speed yet with a reasonable price tag. With no wing struts to create drag and a hydraulically retractable tricycle landing gear, the RG can reach a cruise speed of 171 mph while burning only eight gph at 9,500 feet. Since its introduction, the RG has been handed some important changes, such as an improved propeller that has increased the airspeed about six mph and the removal of the foot step under the cabin door. The sleek-looking high-winger is powered by a 200-hp fourcylinder fuel-injected Lycoming engine.

The landing gear is retracted by an electrically powered hydraulic pump in a self-contained hydraulic system. When the gear is retracted, the main gear is flush with the fuselage using no wheel doors; the nose gear is faired by wheel doors. On late models, the landing gear has improved hydraulics, wheel doors, wheels, brakes, and nose gear trunion. The instrument panel was completely redesigned to provide more space and better locations for key instruments and avionics.


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