Monday, March 15, 2010



STANDARD DATA: Seats 1. Gross wt. 12,309. Empty wt. 8,694. Engine 2,250-hp Pratt & Whitney.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 425. Cruise mph 350. Stall mph 80. Initial climb rate 3,120. Range 1,560. Ceiling 44,100.

The prototype XF4U4 was delivered to the Navy in 1940, and after extensive testing the Corsair entered quantity production in the fall of 1941. The Corsair was the first United States fighter to exceed 400 mph, and the airplane achieved an outstanding record as a carrier fighter during World War II and as a ground attack weapon in Korea. During the record period of production that extended from 1941 to 1957, over 12,000 of the type were built, several of which are currently active in civilian hands.


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