Monday, March 15, 2010


1938–41, 1946

STANDARD DATA: Seats 2. Gross wt. 1,550. Empty wt. 910. Engine 90-hp Lambert.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 132. Cruise mph 112. Initial climb rate 850. Range 580. Ceiling 14,800.

The Dart Model G two-seat light cabin monoplane, designed by Al Mooney, was originally produced as the Lambert Monosport by Lambert Aircraft Corp., which later became the Monocoupe Corp. Designs and rights were later acquired by the Dart Manufacturing Corp. and then ultimately held by Culver Aircraft. Production of the Model G began in 1938. A 90-hp Lambert five-cylinder radial air-cooled engine provided the power. Variations of the Dart were designated by engine type and an alpha code after the G prefix. For example, the Dart GK was powered by a 90-hp Ken Royce five cylinder radial, and the Dart GW was equipped with a 90-hp Warner Scarab Junior radial swinging a Hamilton Standard aluminum prop. The Model GC was subsequently produced with a 100-hp Continental. All Dart Model Gs were of mixed construction with welded steel tube fuselages and wooden wings. Seating was for two in side-by-side fashion with dual controls. In all, 51 Darts were manufactured.


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