Monday, March 15, 2010



STANDARD DATA: Seats 2. Gross wt. 820. Empty wt. 450. Engine 35-hp Anzani.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 85. Cruise mph 80. Landing mph 30. Initial climb rate 550. Range 250. Ceiling (absolute) 18,000.

The Driggs Dart was a light two-seat biplane first built in 1928. Original power was supplied by a French built Anzani three-cylinder radial engine fed by a main fuel tank in the fuselage just behind the engine. Its tandem cockpits were fitted with dual controls, and its airfoils were of unequal span. The Driggs Aircraft Corp. was founded in Lansing, Michigan, by Ivan Driggs who had been previously associated with the Dayton-Wright Co. and the Johnson Airplane and AA Supply Co. In addition to the Dart, Driggs also built a lightplane designated the Skylark, which was fitted with a 60-hp Rover four cylinder in-line inverted powerplant and could achieve a top speed of 110 mph.


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