Thursday, April 15, 2010


STANDARD DATA: Seats 4. Gross wt. 3,750. Empty wt. 2,450. Fuel capacity 70. Engine 285-hp Jacobs.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 150. Cruise mph 135. Initial climb rate 900. Range 540. Ceiling 14,500. Takeoff run 29 seconds.

The “Sea Bird” amphibian was the first stainless steel airplane to receive approved certification in the United States. In 1929, Fleetwings, Inc. began design and research work in stainless-steel construction. In 1934, the firm acquired Keystone Aircraft Corp. and built all-stainless-steel wings for the U.S. Army’s Douglas “Dolphin.” The “Sea Bird” is powered by a single 285-hp 7-cylinder radial engine in a nacelle mounted above the fuselage on steel-tube struts. A hatch on the port side provides entrance to both the forward stowage area and the cabin, where seating is for four in two pairs. The landing lights, water rudder, tail wheel, and main gear are all retractable.


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