Thursday, April 15, 2010



STANDARD DATA: Seats 5. Gross wt. 3,500. Empty wt. 1975. Engine 300-hp IO-540-L1C5.
PERFORMANCE: Cruise 145 kts. Stall 52 KCAS. Initial climb rate 1,120 fpm. Range 880 nm. Ceiling 18,000. Takeoff
roll 750'.

The Bush Hawk-XP, designed and manufactured by Found Aircraft, is perhaps the ultimate bush plane. Variants are equally at home on floats or skis as on wheel. It is certified to Canadian Regulation AWM 523 and U.S. 14 CFR Part 23 regulations to carry passengers and freight in day and night VFR and IFR conditions. The Bush Hawk-XP is a rugged, all-metal, high cantilever wing, single-engine airplane equipped with a tail wheel landing gear and designed for general utility purposes.


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