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STANDARD DATA: Seats 6-8. Gross wt. 4,700. Empty wt. 2,848. Fuel capacity 91. Engine 520-hp Lycoming.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 170. Cruise mph 166. Stall mph 62. Initial climb rate 1,475. Range 530. Ceiling 20,000. Takeoff distance (50') 915. Landing distance (50') 920.

Originally designed by Lockheed Aircraft as the Model 60 light utility transport, the eight-seat Ranger was also manufactured under license by Aeronautica Macchi of Italy with the name “Conestoga.” In 1968, marketing and production rights were acquired by Northwest Industries, Ltd. of Edmonton, Alberta. The versatile high-wing airplane was certified as either a land plane with tricycle or conventional gear, or a floatplane on EDO floats, or a ski plane on Fluidyne wheel skis. The original model was powered by a large 400-hp eight-cylinder fuel-injected Lycoming and had a maximum speed of 156 mph. Without the drag brought about by floats, the Ranger can climb at 1,080 fpm at sea level. Entrance to the large cabin is through a giant passenger/cargo door or through the pilot’s door beside the left front seat. In 1970, the Ranger received a 520-hp Lycoming engine to increase its climb rate and cruise speed when used with floats.


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