Monday, June 1, 2009



STANDARD DATA: Seats 2. Gross wt. 1,200. Empty wt. 680. Fuel capacity 9. Engine 40-hp to 65-hp Continental.
PERFORMANCE: (65 hp). Top mph 87. Cruise mph 75. Stall mph 38. Initial climb rate 450. Range 206. Ceiling 11,500. Takeoff run 700. Landing roll 800.

The Piper J-3, developed in 1937, made the name “Cub” a household word. It became one of the most popular of the inexpensive “flivver” aircraft that were intended to bring amateur flying within the reach of the average man. The J-3 was a classic learn-to-fly plane that was originally derived from the similar J-2 Cub of 1936 vintage. The 40-hp J-3 first appeared in 1938, and more than 5,500 of these tandem two-seat fabriccovered flying machines were built before production was temporarily suspended in 1942. The J-3s were back in production again in 1945 powered by a 65-hp Continental. In 1947, several revisions changed the nomenclature to PA-11 Cub Special. Although parts for the old J-3s are becoming harder to obtain, many of these aircraft are changing hands every year. It is one of the lowest priced used airplanes on the market, but is rapidly gaining appeal as a near-classic.


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