Monday, June 1, 2009



STANDARD DATA: Seats 2. Gross wt. 1,400. Empty wt. 865. Fuel capacity 16. Engine 75-hp Continental.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 100. Cruise mph 96. Landing mph 40. Initial climb rate 450. Range 455. Ceiling 12,000.

The J-4 Coupe was the first Piper monoplane to have side-by-side seating. First flown in 1938 and produced from 1939 to 1942, the light high-wing monoplane with enclosed cabin was often used in flight training schools and in the Civilian War Training Program. Very similar in structure to the J-3 Cub, the J-4 was powered by a 75-hp four-cylinder Continental engine. Cub Coupe features included hydraulic brakes, a more complete instrument panel, and navigation lights. Fuel capacity and overall size of the J-4 was also increased over its predecessor, the J-3. Construction is a welded steel-tube fuselage, and wings are made from spruce spars and aluminum alloy. Almost 200 Coupes are still active.


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