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STANDARD DATA: Seats 2 or 3. Gross wt. 1,800. Empty wt. 1,100. Fuel capacity 34. Engine 120-hp Ken Royce seven-cylinder radial.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 135. Cruise mph 120. Landing mph 48. Initial climb rate 910. Range 609. Ceiling 16,300.

The Cloudster was preceded by the 8090 and 8125 versions with two seats each. The 8090 and 8125 were powered by 90-hp and 120-hp Ken Royce engines respectively. The three-seat Cloudster 8135 was introduced in 1940 and was powered by the same 120-hp engine as the 8125. The two planes were produced sideby-side to provide buyers with a two or three-seat option. Another model of the Cloudster was the 8135T. This two-seat tandem trainer was specially designed for instrument training in cooperation with Pan American Airways. It had two separate compartments, one behind the other, each with its own door, flying controls, and instruments. Included was a set of blind-flying instruments such as the Sperry directional gyro, artificial horizon, and a Lear radio transmitter and receiver.


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