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1984 – Present

STANDARD DATA: Seats 4. Gross wt. 3,086. Empty wt. 1,763; (TC) 1,850. Fuel capacity 86. Engine 250-hp Lycoming 10-540 (TC) 250-hp Lycoming TIO-540.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 192; (TC) 230. Cruise mph 189; (TC) 215. Initial climb rate 1,200; (TC) 1,126. Ceiling 20,000; (TC) 25,000. Range 966; (TC) 962. Takeoff distance (50') 2,099; (TC) 1,953. Landing distance (50') 1,772; (TC) 1,750.

At the top of the Socata piston line is the Trinidad (TB20 GT) and turbocharged Trinidad TC (TB 21 GT). Improvements over the Tampico and Tobago are numerous, including retractable landing gear and horsepower, plus creature comforts such as leather seating, soundproofing, and trim packages. Of course, with the higher horsepower and the addition of retracts comes an increase in gross weight, useful load, and climb rate. Comfort and luxury levels are elevated, and cruise and max speed are substantially increased. The Trinidad can handle four full-sized adults and carry 143 pounds of luggage to boot. The combination of speed, comfort, roominess, great visibility, and sleek design make the Trinidad an exceptional cross-country machine. The turbocharged Trinidad, the TB21 GT, turns in about 190 kts at 25,000 feet.


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