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2001 – Present

STANDARD DATA: (230) Seats 4. Gross wt. 2,980. Empty wt. 1,876. Fuel capacity 66. Engine 230-hp Lycoming IO-540-C4D5.
PERFORMANCE: Cruise 175 kts. Stall 57 kts. Initial climb rate 1,140 fpm. Ceiling 20,000. Range 870 nm. Takeoff roll 853'. Landing roll 1,329'.

STANDARD DATA: (310) Seats 4. Gross wt. 3,500. Empty wt. 2,317. Fuel capacity 88. Engine 310-hp Continental IO-550N.
PERFORMANCE: Cruise 215 kts. Stall 60 kts. Initial climb rate 1,330 fpm. Ceiling 20,000. Range 1,488 nm. Takeoff run 817'. Landing roll 390.

This composite design came from German engineer Horst Ruschmeyer. Solaris Aviation, Inc., a U.S.-based company, purchased the assets of Ruschmeyer Aircraft, GmbH in 1999. Each model of the Sigma differs purely by horsepower. The tapering wings have a 6.97 aspect ratio, a laminar-flow airfoil, leading-edge stall strips and tilted wing tips. The small ailerons have slight differential action, with deflection limited by concealed massbalances. Inboard are large, three-position, electric Fowler flaps with similarly shrouded hinges and mechanisms. All models feature retractable trailing link landing gear and gull wing doors. The airframe is designed to 9 Gs.


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