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STANDARD DATA: Seats 1. Gross wt. 804. Empty wt. 584. Fuel capacity 10. Engine 40-hp Volkswagen.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 122. Cruise mph 112. Stall mph 46. Initial climb rate 690. Range 422. Ceiling 19,700. Takeoff run 427. Landing roll 328.

Although the Sportavia RF4D had been around since 1966, it wasn’t too widely known until May 1969 when Mira Slovak flew one across the Atlantic to win the 1,000£ prize offered by the London Evening News for the best performance by a light aircraft under 5,000 pounds in the Daily Mail Air Race. Using a converted engine, the RF4D was preceded by models RF-01, RF-2, and RF-3 during the years 1960 through 1966. The all-wood single-seater is rated fully aerobatically and combines the characteristics of a sailplane and a small powered sportplane. A single main landing wheel retracts forward manually into a fiberglass cowling. The small tailwheel is steerable, and there is a manually operated brake on the main wheel.


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