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STANDARD DATA: (SR.10) Seats 5. Gross wt. 4,000. Empty wt. 2,810. Engine 290-hp Lycoming.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 141. Cruise mph 130. Initial climb rate 850. Ceiling 14,000.

The first model of the Reliant was the SR with a wingspan of 36 feet 3 inches; 88 were built. The Reliant underwent various minor changes that resulted in the SR-1 through SRA. The SR-S, still a four-seater, was introduced in 1934 with a 41-foot wingspan, and 145 subsequently were built. The SR-6 was next, and 50 ships were built. All these early Reliants had evolved from the Stinson S.M. series and had straight wings.

The first taper-wing (gull-wing) Reliant was the SR-7, which had a span of 41 feet. This characteristic wing also gave the Reliant the nickname of Stinson “Gullwing.” The SR-8 was the first to feature five seats. The SR-9 was produced in 1937 making use of the same 285-hp Lycoming nine-cylinder radial engine as the SR- 8, as well as a 450-hp Pratt & Whitney or a 350-hp Wright Whirlwind. The SR-10, introduced in 1938, was fitted with the same three engines. Vultee Aircraft bought the Stinson Aircraft Co. in 1940, and the Reliant became the V-77, and about 500 were completed.


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