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STANDARD DATA: (TE-18) Seats 2. Gross wt. 1,975. Empty wt. 1,350. Fuel capacity 32. Engine 165-hp Franklin.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 156. Cruise mph 145. Initial climb rate 1,000. Ceiling 17,000. Takeoff distance (50') 875. Landing distance (50') 740.

The Temco Buckeroo was built in two versions, the Model TE-1A using a 145-hp Continental and the TE-1B with a 165-hp Franklin. The Model TE-lA Buckeroo tandem two-seat basic trainer was introduced in 1949. It was a tandem-seat version of the Swift and made use of about 80% of the Swift’s tooling. The Buckeroo was developed to meet the need for an airplane with a low initial cost and economical operation while maintaining the high-performance characteristics required of a military trainer. In 1951, after the Swift was discontinued to concentrate on emergency defense orders, Buckeroo production continued as the Model TE-113. Under the Air Force designation YT-35, this primary trainer also proved itself to be an adequate ground-support aircraft. Few Buckeroos remain active today.


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